Temporary fence rental

Temporary fence rental

Temporary fence rentals from VG Fence provide a convenient and flexible solution for customers who need fencing for short-term periods or for specific events, projects, or situations. Our rental services offer a range of temporary fencing solutions for various applications, including construction sites, events, crowd control, safety, and security. Renting temporary fencing from VG Fence is a cost-effective and efficient option compared to purchasing and storing fencing materials.

Rental Options: VG Fence offers a variety of fencing options for rent, including chain-link panels, welded wire panels, privacy screens, gates, and more.

Service: Our rental services include delivery, installation, and removal of the fencing at your location.

Maintenance: VG Fence handles maintenance of the fencing during the rental period, including repairs and replacements if necessary.

Sizes: We offer different fence heights and lengths to meet various requirements. Common heights include 6 feet (1.83 meters), and 8 feet (2.44 meters).

Additional Features: VG Fence provides additional options such as privacy screens, sandbags for stability, and fence accessories.

Flexibility: Rent fencing for a specific duration and purpose with adaptable solutions from VG Fence.

Convenience: VG Fence handles delivery, installation, and removal of the fencing, reducing your workload.

Cost-Effective: Renting from VG Fence eliminates the need to purchase and store fencing materials, offering a more affordable option.

Variety: VG Fence offers a variety of fencing types and accessories to suit your needs.

Construction Sites: Temporary fencing from VG Fence provides safety and security around construction areas.

Events: Use VG Fence’s fencing for crowd control, access management, and perimeter fencing at concerts, festivals, and other events.

Public Works: VG Fence’s temporary fencing offers safety and security for road work zones and other public works projects.

Sports Fields: Temporarily enclose sports fields and recreational areas with VG Fence’s fencing solutions.

Consultation: Consult with VG Fence to determine the best fencing options for your needs.

Delivery and Installation: VG Fence delivers the fencing to your site and handles installation according to your specifications.

Rental Period: Rent fencing for the duration you need, whether it’s days, weeks, or months.

Maintenance and Support: VG Fence provides maintenance and support during the rental period, including repairs and replacements.

Removal: At the end of the rental period, VG Fence removes the fencing from your site.

Inspection: VG Fence regularly inspects and maintains the fencing during the rental period.

Repairs: Any necessary repairs are handled by VG Fence.

Cleaning: VG Fence may also handle cleaning the fencing if needed.

Temporary fence rentals from VG Fence offer a flexible and convenient solution for your short-term fencing needs. With delivery, installation, and removal services, VG Fence makes it easy for you to access the fencing you need without the challenges of purchasing, storing, and maintaining your own fencing materials. Contact VG Fence for all your temporary fencing rental needs!

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