Material: Polyethylene (PE), PVC (vinyl), or aluminum for strength, flexibility, and resistance to UV light and weathering.

Width: Slats are slightly wider than the diamond-shaped openings in chain link fabric to ensure a secure fit.

Length: Available in various lengths to match standard fence heights such as 4, 6, or 8 feet.

Profile: Styles include flat, winged (featuring fins for better coverage), and tubular (hollow or solid) for increased durability and wind resistance.

Density: Different styles provide varying degrees of privacy based on slat density and overlap.


Residential:Used in backyards and gardens to enhance privacy, reduce noise, and block wind.

Commercial: Commonly used around parking lots, storage areas, and other commercial properties for privacy and security.

Industrial: Utilized around industrial properties and facilities to provide visual screening and wind protection.

Public Spaces: Used in parks, sports fields, and other public areas to create privacy and visual barriers.

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