Material:Galvanized steel, aluminum, or other durable metals for strength and corrosion resistance; plastic options may also be available.

Design: Designed to work with specific gate latch types (such as gravity, spring-loaded, or magnetic latches) and may include adjustment features for fine-tuning the engagement.

Mounting: Typically includes pre-drilled holes or slots for mounting screws or bolts to attach the catch to the post or surface.

Finish: Often galvanized or coated for added durability and protection against the elements.


Residential: Used in backyards, gardens, and driveways to secure gates and control access.

Commercial: Used around parking lots, storage areas, and other commercial properties for gate security.

Industrial: Utilized in heavy-duty applications to secure gates around industrial properties and facilities.

Public Spaces: Commonly used in parks, sports fields, and other public areas to control access and maintain security.

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